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      I always had an ear for music. Deciphering sounds being used and attempting to figure out who used what samples from other songs for their own songs.  As I became more knowledgeable of music, music mixing and later music production, I then started Sakar Brown Music, LLC.

      To date I have a large catalog of original music which I have personally composed and create music for all genres and film scores.

Music Production:

      Theres a lot involved in creating a masterpiece of work. Whether you are a Film Maker,

Music Artist, Composer or Producer. Sometimes you are looking for original sound that completes your vision.  If you are looking for great ideas to take your music experience to the next level, get in contact with me.  Creations are made for all forms of musical and film works.

DJ Mixing:

      DJ-ing has become a very fun yet important roll in my music career.  With respect to all DJ-ing, my favorite preference is the EDM genre.  But on a whole, DJ-ing allows me to stay on top of all current music and understand what people respond to.  With so many preferences within everyone, you have to know what is going to hit that chord that is inside of us all.  Having this in mind gives me a greater ability to produce music for everyone. 

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